When it comes right down to it, your business goals boil down to one simple thing. Build a large and loyal customer base that sends you a steady stream of new business.

Getting there requires building strong relationships with customers through consistent and effective communication. That’s why so many security dealers send out paper newsletters to their customers and prospects on a regular basis.

But there’s a much better, easier and far less expensive way to go. It’s called email newsletter marketing.


The Many Advantages of Email Marketing

For most security dealers, there is no better way to effectively communicate with customers and prospects and create new business opportunities than an email newsletter marketing program. Why? Consider some of the advantages of an email newsletter.


Preferred Communication

These days, the majority of people prefer communicating with the companies they do business with through email. According to a Direct Magazine study, 67% of consumers prefer email over other forms of communication.


High ROI

After your company website, an email newsletter is probably the single-highest ROI marketing tool you can use. Forty-two percent of companies using email marketing report “great ROI, outperforming other methods” (MarketingSherpa).



Our email newsletter program provides you with get critical information every time you use it, including who opened it and what action they took. Exactly the kind of data you need to follow up and maximize results.



Unlike its paper counterpart, an email newsletter can be easily forwarded to friends, family and business associates. This “tell-a-friend” benefit greatly expands the reach of an email newsletter to far more prospects.


Website Integration

Your email newsletter links directly back to your website. This means you can bring customers and prospects directly to areas of interest with more detailed information and calls to action, driving more traffic and sales.


Prospect Engagement

When a prospect visits your website you don’t want to lose touch when he clicks away. An email newsletter can tie a communications line to those prospects, increasing conversions of visitors to prospects and ultimately to customers.


Customer Loyalty

A regular email newsletter keeps customers informed and in touch, increases add-on sales and profits. It helps build the relationship with your customers and protects your RMR.


Low Cost (and Green)

An email newsletter is far less expensive to produce and distribute than a traditional paper newsletter. There’s no printing, no postage, no envelopes, no waste. You’ll even help save some trees in the process.

From setup and design to copywriting, website integration, distribution and lead tracking, we can handle every aspect of your email marketing program. Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation discussion.

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